Short Story *WATCHER*


Watcher Synopsis

The story takes place in the medieval times, on a farm a couple miles out of a small town. John and his family were busy winding down from the long day at work on the farm. At the dinner table, john discusses his worry for the horses. They seamed to be quite jumpy and agitated. The coyotes had been quite the pests, especially with the horses as of late, but John believes wolves have taken over their territory and driven them out. He is certain that this is the reason for there sudden disappearance.

After supper, John helps his wife clean up, and the kids go outside to play a bit before bedtime. They rush over to the bales by the barn to climb them, but the kids are stunned to see an odd animal up on the hill by the forest line. Not long after they spot it, they here their father calling for them to come clean up. The kids don’t really listen, and then what they thought was a wolf, rises up to be a monstrous form. John rushes out to save his kids, getting them to the safety of the house before it catches them. John has been a man with a lot of anxiety, OCD, and paranoia. John has always told them for good reasons, and in the end those qualities that his family thought were a problem, ended up being the best qualities of him.




Design-106 Accessibility

Why is Web Accessibility Important?

People with low literacy, older individuals, those with low bandwidth, and so on. They all need to be able to have the right to be able to experience and access websites just as easily as anybody else in the world.


Here is an article link about AccessaMed Digital Audio Prescription Label.


This AccessaMed Is placed on the prescription medication container. When you press the button on it, it will tell you all the information relating around your medication, like the dosage, name, and details. This enables people with visual disabilities to manage their prescriptions safely. Older people for example, who may not be able to read very well anymore, will be put at ease knowing that they will get all the information they need just by a click of a button. They do not have to worry anymore about reading the instructions wrong, and so on.


One of my favorite artists has a beautiful art website. She has really detailed commission info on there compared to her DA profile page. She links everyone to this website for FAQ’s about herself, her commission info, etc. The downside is she has so many people from all over the world loving her work. Though all her stuff is all in English. All she would need to do would be to look on her DA page and see the visits she gets in total from regions all over the world and choose the top 5-10. And have a language option somewhere on her page. DA has an option to see your worldwide visitors.

Also her type compared to her background contrast can be hard to read for some people, as well as the font size. This may pose a problem for older people or those with visual difficulties. She also could have this as a setting, for font size anyways. Maybe if she were to create a different website or edit her own, she could make a better bolder contrast between the background and text.

If you would like to visit this website, go to this link.


The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is another one who does not give enough language options that I could find. Just French. The amount of culture diversity in Canada is immense. They should think about adding more language options. It’s not just English and French anymore as the majority here in Canada. With the amount of immigrants and this diversity, these other languages will be just as important as French and English in Canada. They could easily add those languages as options in the settings.

If you would like to visit this website, go to this link.


Design 106 – Task-Based Design 4.2



Q. What tasks would you like to perform electronically?


A. I like to serf the web, design, send out emails, read, listen to music, watch YouTube, etc


Q. What do you need to be able to do things electronically?


A. I need a computer of high quality because of some of the illustration work I do. A phone or tablet is optional but is nice.


Q. What would you like to be able to do electronically?


A. Nothing to fancy really. As long as I have the electronics needed for drawing, contacting clients, family, friends, etc. That’s all good enough for me. I would love to be able to play virtual reality video games. But that’s only just a dream.


Q. What information would you like available to you digitally?


A. Anything about program knowledge for my art programs, cintiq tablet, etc.Pretty much anything that comes to mind at that time I may need. I am not really heavily reliant on technology nor do I just love it. As long as I can draw, and contact people and listen to music I am fine.

Design 106 – 4.1 Compare Two Orientation Systems

Facebook Differences Between the Desktop and the App

A couple things that are different about the Facebook app and desktop site are some of the following things below.



-Has all the possible features

-Able to play all the online games that the website holds

-More in depth and detailed

-need to be connected to internet through a WiFi, etc



-Simplified in its design making it easier to navigate

-Option for desktop capabilities

-Notification option that can alert you wherever you are

-More appealing and inviting then the desktop version (fun, easy, quick)

-Can use both WiFi and satellite


CWRT-100-LO1-Part 2

There are many reasons why a person would want to write. Reasons could be because it makes them feel happy, they like writing stories, they want to pass on information to others maybe in a symbolic way, they want to teach the reader something, and so on.

I have always wanted to be a writer of fiction and fantasy. I never really took it seriously because I sucked at English. I saw no point if no matter how hard I tried I was always lacking in my grammar skills. It especially got me down when I got an essay back from the English teacher at school, and my paper was completely red. My paper was a mark of shame, the teacher had poured out her wrath onto my paper, which was engraved with red pen everywhere I looked. It discouraged me. I didn’t care at home, where I could write my own personal stuff. I thought to myself, I am writing this for me. Nobody will see or even care to look at it, besides I would be to scared to do so. I feared it. After the years went by, I had created a whole entire story. 3 books long, and yet I haven’t even gone over all of them to make it that much better. By the time my book was considered legit to my standards, I took it more seriously. My English improved from all the writing I did. I wrote to express my feelings, to teach others of what the world may come to one day, and how painful all kinds of abuse is on a person, and the deathly depression it can cause.