Eddie Opara

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Eddie Opara was born in Wandsworth London, 1972. His studies were at the London College of Printing and Yale University where he studied graphic design. He then received his MFA in 1997 before getting started with his career as a designer at ATG and Imaginary Forces. He worked for 2×4 as a senior designer/art director, and also made his own firm in New York City, The Map Office. He joined the Legendary Pentagram in 2005 as a partner in its New York office. His works are permanently in the museum of modern art, and he teaches at the University of Arts for narrative design in Philadelphia.

While he was growing up in England, it had a pretty good impact on his designs then and now. Craftsmanship was something he had strong beliefs for. When he had moved to New York though, he learned to also adapt to the concepts of eclecticism.

Some things he has designed? He had designed an interactive based virtual petal display, for learning about wine at the New Yorks City Adour restaurant.

petal display

His poster wall covers are quite something as well. They were made up of different black and white geometric pieces to create one big wall poster. His influences and inspiration of the piece came from the book, “The Invisible Man.” It had talked about the life of being an African American man in the early 20th century, and it’s struggles. Instead of being invisible, he literally tried making it very visible. It was a subject that impacted him greatly as a youth.

eddie opara work


Many of his ideas where modern, simple but very stunning to look at, you could stare at them for hours. He wanted to be able to use strategy, design and technology to make compelling works. His interests where of websites, Interactive installations, brand identity, environments, and he used a wide range of multimedia to complete his works in this way.


I find his works very inspiring and entertaining to look at. Some of his physical designs really draw you in to want to interact with them. Which makes it interesting. People like to interact if they can, gives you a different experience if you can not only see and look at a piece of artwork, but to touch and interact with it as well. I love that his ideas are modern and functional with today’s world. He really tries to revolve it around that I find.

Was there anything I didn’t really like? No not really. I found all of his works were very compelling and stunning designs. They were so unique and out of the box type creations. I love people who are adventurous in being different artistically, who try to create something one of a kind and have many different ways of doing it.

Eddie Opara is a perfect example of this in every way.


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