Employability Profile Assignment

Profesional Email


Domain name




Facebook business page






In my searches, most of the jobs I wanted were in Vancouver or Toronto. The company I would like to work for that is not to far away is Bioware.

Job recruitment





Elevator Pitch

What would I do if I rode an elevator possibly with my future employer? I would greet them, exchange names, shake their hand, tell them a little bit about myself, and what I do. I would tell them of my artistic background, my digital capabilities, and my strengths and weaknesses. My main strengths are character concepts, creature concepts, landscape, fantasy, architect designs, vehicle designs, etc. My next focus would be where I would take those skills and utilize them to the best of my ability. I would tell them of the position I am trying to achieve, why I could benefit their company, and how I could be of importance.This would probably be all the time I could have with the person as well as possibly answering any questions they had. I would thank them for there time and give them my email, number, or business card that they could reach me at if they wished.


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