Scavenger Hunt

Interactive media is anything that relates to a product, or service on a digital based system that users can interact with, whether it be threw games, animation, graphics, text, audio, etc.

Robby Leobardi is a perfect example of a good interactive media designer. There works are very eye catching and burst out with colour. They also have very smooth animations on their webpage, this draws you in even more. This kind of webpage is fun and interesting, it makes you want to explore and see what other things the website does for animations and so on.

Here is a link to their portfolio

Interactive media in a public space? The SuperWall in New York on 34th street is an astonishing example of interactive media in a public space. It is a huge 18×46 inch LCD touch screen billboard. It allows people to do all sorts of cool things to interact with it. This board gives you a pretty cool feeling of the future. All the way from it’s design to it’s capabilities, it really makes you feel like it should be something out of a movie and not a real thing.

superwallpic The SuperWall

Defiance is a show that featured a console game that allowed you to play the story line as the actual show progressed. It would update the game with new content as new episodes came out. Because of this it aloud you to really interact and get a more in depth feel about the show.


Web link:

Game info link:


The fit bit is a watch that helps you keep track of your physical activity, what you eat, weight management, and your sleep patterns. It allows you to check your progress through your mobile phone, computer, etc. You can also join others from across the globe in competing with each other and earn badges.


tinderapp tinderapp2

Personally I have never used this app, but have heard a lot of great things from it from others I know and is generally very popular location-aware app.



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