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PC gaming today has become more popular then ever. With consoles being quite limited, PC’s are the way to go if you want no limitations and the freedom to fulfill your needs. This is a perfect explanation of one of the biggest reasons people would rather go for PC, “PC games are cheaper and go on sale more frequently then consoles. So even if you buy or upgrade a PC in the end, you will make up the difference with all the sales and the low prices of games. (Chris Reed, “Why PC Gaming is More Popular Than Ever” & Coltephilos, “ Advantages of PC gaming”). There I have combined some of their thoughts on the matter briefly, they pretty much sum up the big picture. There are so many reasons why PC gaming has been big, and so many cool benefits to know of.


Modding is one of the greatest aspects of being a PC gamer. Mods can make your game more attractive, whether it is the landscape or even the characters. They could also add odd things to your game like maybe playing as a giraffe in GTA 4. They are not always the be all end all. They can glitch sometimes, and it really depends how many you have running at the same time as well. They aren’t always a problem waiting to happen, and they are to fun to resist the temptation anyhow to think of the possible glitches. There are also so many good and safe websites out there to get your mods from. All in all, the possibilities are endless, and there are pretty much hundreds of mods for every PC game out there.


PC’s Are EXTREMELY customizable to your wants and needs. Whether you want to run your game at medium quality, or want duel monitors, it is very open to anything. Even your accessories can be customizable. Here it is explained very well in one sentence, “Better graphics is nice and all, but what really makes the PC shine is that you can upgrade the hardware as often (or as little) as you want. The PlayStation 3 was around for seven years before an upgrade.” (Whitson Gordon, “Why I am a PC Gamer:”). With that said it gives people a pretty good idea revolving around its customization and it’s benefits.


PC’s are easily fixable. For example, your Xbox has suddenly stopped working. The red ring of death stares you right in the face, you know right then and there games are going to be put on hold for while. It could take a month or even more to get it back happily working again. With PC’s, it involves a quick stop at the tech store to pick up what you need, and probably won’t take a month for you to fix it nor cost a fortune. This comical saying describes how bad consoles can be with breakdowns, “At least when a PC goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Like, with fire and everything (possibly)” (Ed Ricketts, “12 reasons PC gaming is better than consoles”). Xboxes have been very prone to die on you without warning, making it a very frustrating experience. They won’t just do it to you once, but will bless you with many more rings of death and meltdowns. The newer ones are not as bad, but it is still always an unpleasant possibility.


This was only a small fraction of what there is to know about the difference between PC and console. The Benefits greatly exceed past gaming consoles by far. In the end though, it all comes down to personal preference. Consoles are definitely better for certain people and many other reasons. They are not garbage, and still are very popular. If you love games for a passion and just are not satisfied, or are looking for more, a PC may just be right for you. Try it, 99% of everyone has a PC and if it isn’t like 20 years old then it should be able to run pretty much any game these days. So get out there, try something new and it may just change your gaming experiences for the better.


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