Future Media Trend Concepts

1. A double touch screen display on a laptop, how would this piece affect what we do? Well, the only major difference it would have besides the touch screen would to also have a touch screen display where your keyboard would normally be. There you could customize and control where you want your settings. You could have a keyboard, maybe a volume bar, other windows you have running, etc. That would all be on that display. This would allow for a much higher customization for portable computers. One of the other awesome things would be how this computer is with art. You could use the bottom display as your art settings; there you could have your colour pallet, different brushes, a small keyboard, etc. If you had all the settings on the bottom, your art board could instead take up the entire space of your front display. It would make things more efficient, especially for art. This could quickly become one of the favored digital products, especially with art.

2. Interactive laser projection and holograms, how useful would they be? With this technology you could use it for business, presentations, and even as a communication device like a phone. You wouldn’t need a whiteboard, a smart board, a chalkboard, or anything you physically need there to present with. Maybe this device could be implanted into your palm and you could simply use your hand to project images in thin air, on a wall, etc. You could have it that more available to you. Maybe you could scan images, or have them sent to you. Once that would be done, you could then load them up as a hologram. This device could have storage space so you could save information. You could use this for teaching as well, lets say you were sick and couldn’t go to school. You could have a hologram of your teacher lecturing. It could be as if you were there yourself, that way you would get everything and wouldn’t miss a thing. You could rewind, pause, download content or assignments from the lecture, etc. This could become mandatory in some cases.

3. Virtual reality with games, how could this be more interesting? What if you could create your own virtual world, your own dimension? I think that would be so cool. You could make your own virtual worlds for people to explore and play in. You could be any character you wish, all you would have to do is use your imagination to create what you want. You could create a world of castles and dragons, or a world of war for example. The possibilities would be endless. You wouldn’t have to sit on your dusty old sofa playing games, or only have 5 customization options. Your possibilities could be endless and all completely interactive and very real. Your world you create, would each be on a different server. This would enable you to lock your worlds you created so that others couldn’t get in, edit or delete your worlds. It’s always been my dream to create worlds and environments. I love character customization or where you can build things in games. If that was virtual, I would never go back to the old gaming ways. I am sure others probably feel the same, which is why this would be so popular everywhere.

4. What if stuff you bought online was teleported to your home location directly without having to wait? How easy would that be? What if everything you bought from a toothbrush, a car or even a loaf of bread could be transported to you in seconds? This would allow you to get the stuff you want without possible delivery failures or outings. You don’t have to worry about damaged products, late products, wasted time, etc. This would also cause a lot of decreasing amount for jobs and stores needed. There would not be a need for UPS, semi drivers, etc. Towns that are secluded in the mountains for example, or homes that are hours away from the closest town, they could get what they need without any hassle. Lots of places that are very secluded need supplies by plane, boat, or by going over frozen lakes/rivers in the winter by semi. This would be useful also if a disaster were to strike. Medical supplies, food, shelter, and water would be ready and available in only seconds.

5. Telepathy. What if you had a chip inside your brain that could receive and transmit messages from and to other brains? You wouldn’t need a phone anymore. Each chip would have a code of numbers and letters. This would be your ID (It would basically be your phone number). This ID would be what people would need to contact you specifically. The waves your brain would transmit through thought would be converted into the chip, and then sent to your requested receiver. The receiver would also have options whether they would be notified by the message, or want to hear them. You wouldn’t want spam in your head now would you. This would be very important and useful for law enforcers and military. They wouldn’t need radios, and they could be silent and swift. They wouldn’t have to risk giving there position up by voice. This would definitely be a requirement for them and could easily boom in popularity.


Where did I get some of my ideas?





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