Kutiman the Musical Media Innovator


Kutiman “Ophir Kutiells” Is known for his musical art side of new media. He is a producer in animation for Israel, a musician, and a composer. One of his very popular and well known works is the online video project called, ThruYOU, and he also collaborates with a bunch of different artists. One of them for example is Maroon 5. He has been highly trained at the Rimon School Of Jazz And Contemporary.

How is he considered a new media artist? Well, he has artistically rendered multiple different YouTube video’s, personal music recordings, and other clips to create really ear catching tunes that have gone viral on the web.

How would he be considered an innovator? He has introduced new and interesting ways to create unique music and sounds through the usage of videos from across the globe from people.


Due to this, it has brought in the community from all over the entire world to incorporate there own music, traditions, and culture to create something bigger. He literally takes different clippings of music,and videos, to make them into one big song. With what he has done, he has opened a whole new level of sound, visually and in a creative way. I think this is one of the coolest things I have seen for incorporation of people and music. It showcases there love for music, there style and their passion. This gives it so much variety. I think more people need to think like him, and how to incorporate the people of the world into something as creative as this.

Here is some of his videos where he has used videos and music from people all over the world.











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