Grph 100 Typography Design


Eurostile is my font of choice.

This font was produced originally in 1962 by Nebiolo foundry. Aldo Novarese was the Italian typographer who designed it in the end though. Eurostile was meant to be a more complicated version of the font microgramma. Eurostile tries to capture the style and spirit of the 1950’s, and 1960’s. It has rounded corners, and is square like in shape. They wanted to make this font look kind of like the shape of television sets in that era. The font also looks technological, and dynamic. I like it because of it’s futuristic kind of look. I also like it because its more bold as well.I would use this text in my graphic novel, or in illustrations relating around it. My book is in the future and has a techno type style, so this font would be perfect.



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