CWRT-100-LO1-Part 2

There are many reasons why a person would want to write. Reasons could be because it makes them feel happy, they like writing stories, they want to pass on information to others maybe in a symbolic way, they want to teach the reader something, and so on.

I have always wanted to be a writer of fiction and fantasy. I never really took it seriously because I sucked at English. I saw no point if no matter how hard I tried I was always lacking in my grammar skills. It especially got me down when I got an essay back from the English teacher at school, and my paper was completely red. My paper was a mark of shame, the teacher had poured out her wrath onto my paper, which was engraved with red pen everywhere I looked. It discouraged me. I didn’t care at home, where I could write my own personal stuff. I thought to myself, I am writing this for me. Nobody will see or even care to look at it, besides I would be to scared to do so. I feared it. After the years went by, I had created a whole entire story. 3 books long, and yet I haven’t even gone over all of them to make it that much better. By the time my book was considered legit to my standards, I took it more seriously. My English improved from all the writing I did. I wrote to express my feelings, to teach others of what the world may come to one day, and how painful all kinds of abuse is on a person, and the deathly depression it can cause.


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