Design-106 Accessibility

Why is Web Accessibility Important?

People with low literacy, older individuals, those with low bandwidth, and so on. They all need to be able to have the right to be able to experience and access websites just as easily as anybody else in the world.


Here is an article link about AccessaMed Digital Audio Prescription Label.


This AccessaMed Is placed on the prescription medication container. When you press the button on it, it will tell you all the information relating around your medication, like the dosage, name, and details. This enables people with visual disabilities to manage their prescriptions safely. Older people for example, who may not be able to read very well anymore, will be put at ease knowing that they will get all the information they need just by a click of a button. They do not have to worry anymore about reading the instructions wrong, and so on.


One of my favorite artists has a beautiful art website. She has really detailed commission info on there compared to her DA profile page. She links everyone to this website for FAQ’s about herself, her commission info, etc. The downside is she has so many people from all over the world loving her work. Though all her stuff is all in English. All she would need to do would be to look on her DA page and see the visits she gets in total from regions all over the world and choose the top 5-10. And have a language option somewhere on her page. DA has an option to see your worldwide visitors.

Also her type compared to her background contrast can be hard to read for some people, as well as the font size. This may pose a problem for older people or those with visual difficulties. She also could have this as a setting, for font size anyways. Maybe if she were to create a different website or edit her own, she could make a better bolder contrast between the background and text.

If you would like to visit this website, go to this link.


The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is another one who does not give enough language options that I could find. Just French. The amount of culture diversity in Canada is immense. They should think about adding more language options. It’s not just English and French anymore as the majority here in Canada. With the amount of immigrants and this diversity, these other languages will be just as important as French and English in Canada. They could easily add those languages as options in the settings.

If you would like to visit this website, go to this link.



One comment

  1. Jamie · May 19, 2015

    Thanks for a good post. I liked your examples a lot. It shows that you are thinking about what you are seeing online and how others may be faced with obstacles viewing the same content and accessing the same services.


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