Short Story *WATCHER*


Watcher Synopsis

The story takes place in the medieval times, on a farm a couple miles out of a small town. John and his family were busy winding down from the long day at work on the farm. At the dinner table, john discusses his worry for the horses. They seamed to be quite jumpy and agitated. The coyotes had been quite the pests, especially with the horses as of late, but John believes wolves have taken over their territory and driven them out. He is certain that this is the reason for there sudden disappearance.

After supper, John helps his wife clean up, and the kids go outside to play a bit before bedtime. They rush over to the bales by the barn to climb them, but the kids are stunned to see an odd animal up on the hill by the forest line. Not long after they spot it, they here their father calling for them to come clean up. The kids don’t really listen, and then what they thought was a wolf, rises up to be a monstrous form. John rushes out to save his kids, getting them to the safety of the house before it catches them. John has been a man with a lot of anxiety, OCD, and paranoia. John has always told them for good reasons, and in the end those qualities that his family thought were a problem, ended up being the best qualities of him.




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