CWRT-100-LO1-Part 1

Writers can get their inspiration from pretty much anything. Some of the examples of where they might get their inspiration may be, music, personal experiences, memories, interactions with other people, TV, books, objects, dreams, fantasies, etc.

Now a writers may get a lot of good ideas, but it comes down to how they can incorporate that functionally into their writing. There are many things they need to think about when going through the entire writing process. Here are just a few examples:

* They need to have a skeptical mindset. Put your point of view into the readers, and think what questions they may have. Those questions should be answered in your writing.

*Good writing comes when you rewrite/edit. You go over it like you would a sculpture. You keep adding and revising until you have a very beautiful piece of work in the end.

*Don’t use huge fancy words, in truth that can be a big mistake. Don’t be ashamed of your short words. If your writing is good, your reader won’t even notice or care.

*They need to be able to connect the dots in there writing.

I haven’t really used much for resources in my life of writing my novel. I focused more on my grammar and English since that’s where I struggled the most. When it came to creative writing in school, or just giving some people the first chapter of my book. They were always very indulged into my work, asking for more. I have looked online for tips, and qualities a good writer, but I seemed to be doing that already without even knowing it. Many of the tips and qualities of a good writer I had used well already. I thought it was natural, but to some it was not and needed to be learned more. I never think of myself as a very good writer, even though people seem to like my work. My novel had a lot of emotion in it. There were bits and pieces in there that where actually my feelings or memories in a different or symbolic way. I went through some pretty bad depression since I was very young, all the way to today. I didn’t write to impress people, I wrote for myself, for the happiness it brought me. It was a way to put down my feelings, a way to release. I never really looked or researched recourses, not until recently.




Dsgn 106: Interface Design

Futuristic Glass


This interface is a mobile device that resembles glass. You are able to see through it and use that to scan the world around you. You can for example, have a building in view, and simply get more detailed information on it, or a specific floor. You can also use it to identify a specific model of car, or insect you may come across and so on. This device would have Internet capabilities, with Google maps, and the search engine as well.

When reading, you can use the device also to scan words to get the meaning.


This device is pretty cool. Though I think it should be more of a phone. People carry those around everywhere. I doubt people would also carry this thing that is the size of a tablet as well. It is very useful though. It would be so much easier to just use the item to get info on things, especially because you can use it so simply in your environment. You wouldn’t have to do some crazy search on maybe a bug you saw, or a car. You could just point the device at it, and it would give you all the information needed.


I think this device can definitely be amazing in the phone world of things someday. If people were able to do something like that with cellphones, it would boom like crazy, and everyone would want one. It could be used in the tablet world of things as well, but it wouldn’t be as popular as cellphones I think. Cellphones these days anyways are pretty much tablet size or just about. So it could work for sure.




Mult-126 (Assignment 1) Ping & Traceroute

Ping is used to see if a specific host is connected to the internet. Ping works by sending a packet of info to a host. If the host is connected and functioning properly, it will send the info back. Ping will also display how long it took, if the IP address was invalid, or if there was no response. Ping can also be used to see if the TCP/IP software is working on a computer.



Traceroute is used to figure out if there was any problems with the performance of large networks. Traceroute will collect data of the packets path from source to destination, and how many times it had to hop to get to its destination.