Dsgn 106: Interface Design

Futuristic Glass


This interface is a mobile device that resembles glass. You are able to see through it and use that to scan the world around you. You can for example, have a building in view, and simply get more detailed information on it, or a specific floor. You can also use it to identify a specific model of car, or insect you may come across and so on. This device would have Internet capabilities, with Google maps, and the search engine as well.

When reading, you can use the device also to scan words to get the meaning.


This device is pretty cool. Though I think it should be more of a phone. People carry those around everywhere. I doubt people would also carry this thing that is the size of a tablet as well. It is very useful though. It would be so much easier to just use the item to get info on things, especially because you can use it so simply in your environment. You wouldn’t have to do some crazy search on maybe a bug you saw, or a car. You could just point the device at it, and it would give you all the information needed.


I think this device can definitely be amazing in the phone world of things someday. If people were able to do something like that with cellphones, it would boom like crazy, and everyone would want one. It could be used in the tablet world of things as well, but it wouldn’t be as popular as cellphones I think. Cellphones these days anyways are pretty much tablet size or just about. So it could work for sure.






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